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FS Security Ltd takes pride in pricing our services at competitive rates; we believe that every company deserves a reliable and professional security provider regardless of the company size. We understand that it can be challenging to find a security company that can meet your requirements and at a rate that meets your budget, and in some cases when you do find a security contractor that meets your budget they charge additional fees for the hire of equipment, call out charges, additional training courses, and sometimes they also charge consultation fees.

When we provide our potential clients with a quote it includes the cost of the security team, all equipment hire, and any additional training courses our team require to work on your site. If there are any additional costs related to the contract .i.e. flights, and accommodation our department manager will inform clients before the quote is produced and will be clearly listed on the quote we send through to you. We also do not charge consultation fees and we aim to match our prices to our clients expectations.

We are always happy to assist should you have any security questions in relation to your premises; we are also happy to provide you with a free no obligation quote should you be looking to take on or change your current supplier.